Since 1985, emerging and established artists have lived and worked at 35 Claver Place in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. It is now an established work/live loft building that did not start out that way. 

The original purpose of the building was to house the original Inverso Warehousing, Inc. that was to provide storage space for office furniture and equipment; and, offices for Chamberlain Moving and Trucking.  Of course, as soon as both businesses moved into the building, the storage market from outside the city dried up leaving a lot of red ink flowing. 

Having empty space, it was Anthony’s idea to look for people who could use the space productively.  So, it slowly started with 2 artists tenants that had ‘floor through’ spaces, at that time.  As years went by, repairs and improvements were added by both us and the artist tenants and the floor through were divided into smaller yet still large spaces.  As some of the artist tenants moved on, the fixtures were purchased by incoming tenants.  Slowly but surely, the certificate of occupancy was granted in 2001. 

A few years back, in 2005, the artist residents, at that time, organized themselves to participate in the SONYA Studio Stroll and we sponsored this event from the very beginning.  It has become a tradition here at 35 Claver Place and our yearly ‘Special Event’.

It was not an easy road, by no means but we are very proud of the artist residents that work and live here and the atmosphere that resides in the building.

Let me introduce you to the amazing artist residents who reside and create here:

The Artists of 35 Claver Place:

Gary Bachman
Kennis Baptiste
John Bjerklie
Poogy Bjerklie

Andrei Dmitrichev
Beka Goedde
Melissa Gorman

Alex Waxman
Michael Woody